Yo-Gyo-Rin-Ne: The Birth of the Unspeakable poster
Updated 2018-12-25
Developer an-an-syokudou
Language jap
Version 1.0

Yo-Gyo-Rin-Ne: The Birth of the Unspeakable

On the road home in early summer.
A dilapidated house in an unlikely place sat quietly.
She was young with an inquisitive spirit and pried inside.

The master of the house seized her.

In the dozens of hours that followed
the little girl was ferried to a world of pleasure not known on this earth.
Her body, undeveloped and innocent,
became vessel to something beyond love's touch. Something nameless.

The mating was endless...

Her belly felt the life of the unspeakable...

Whether she remain here forever, or return to school,
bloat with spawn or collapse inwardly like a black hole of lust...

In a discord of physical consumption;
the young girl was mother to the spawn beyond imagination.
She gave exquisite birth to things no human has ever seen,
and when the last convulsions of labor finally ceased,
her own offspring began the r*pe anew. Anew.

- MULTIPLE STORIES (with abortion route)

14 CG base works + lots of variations
1000x750 size

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
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