[Windows Version] Magical Girl Western Girls Sound Novel Vol. 2 poster
Updated 2020-11-29
Developer Yumekakiya

[Windows Version] Magical Girl Western Girls Sound Novel Vol. 2

* This is the Windows version. *

The long-awaited Magical Girl Western Girls sound novel 2 has arrived!
This time the sisters find themselves at the beach.
After meeting a mysterious sea turtle,
they head to the deep sea in order to save the Palace of the Dragon King.

This is the sound novel version of a popular series on pixiv!
Full of DID situations such as restraint, electric shocks,
assault with water, breath control, tentacles, training and much more!

Production: Yumekakiya (MooMoo)
Planning / Scenario: MooMoo
Illustration: sharpffffff ( )

Chipo Omoi ( )
Shirota ( )
Mao Kidou ( )
Ritsuka Mizutani ( )
Yuuna Misaki ( )
Ryouichi Katagiri ( )
Jun Fukuda ( )

ED track "RIBBON" song / lyrics / composition: polyesterpuppy ( )

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