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Updated 2022-04-15
Developer S2
Language original
Total size 219mb
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Wife Knight Shitori ~Secret Adventures of Wife and Squire~

Original title: Wedded Knight Shitori ~The Secret Adventure of a Wife and Her Party~

List of characters
 The main character of this work.
 He was originally a famous knight, but he retired on the occasion of marriage and spends peaceful days
 i'm struggling to have a child with my husband right now.
 She is not dissatisfied with her husband's affection, but feels that the night life is unsatisfactory.

 Her husband.
 she's a mediocre man who doesn't take care of herself.
 I feel sad to let my wife fight again.

 The man who was supposed to fight with Shitori.
 He has a strong arm, but he is a violent lustful and annoying Shitori.

 the man who was supposed to fight with citri.
 She is a gentle and polite man, but she seems to be a friend of Zagamus and has no eyes on women.
 it's a hobby to make some kind of suspicious medicine.

Basic CG number 27 sheets
There is a recollection room, there is an event open switch

Usually costume, magic dress, swimsuit
Three costumes for the event.Also events that occur when wearing each

There are two endings
Good End and Bad End


* Warning: This game contains a lot of NTR elements.

The protagonist. Once a famous knight, she left behind her shining armor for a wedding dress,
and settled down to a life of peace.
She's currently trying to get pregnant.
While she feels her husband's love, she doesn't feel much in bed with him...

Shitori's husband. An average guy without many standout features.
He is broken up by his wife having to take up the sword again.

A man Shitori ends up pairing with during her fight.
His skill is undeniable, but his brash and lustful personality is problematic for Shitori.

Another man fighting with Shitori.
He seems like the calm, polite type, but like Zagams, isn't exactly a hit with the women.
He loves making suspicious drugs...

- 27 base CG
- Reminiscence Room included with full unlock switch.
- 3 clothing options (standard, magical dress, swimsuit), with special events that can occur with each.
- 2 endings (good and bad end)

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