While Her Husband Sleeps poster
Updated 2016-11-16
Developer GoldenMax
Language jap

While Her Husband Sleeps

Carry on with a pretty young wife who is first violated,
then drawn into a game of secret cuckoldry.

(1) Cheat without the husband's knowledge! F*ck the wife in her home!
(2) No game over if you fail! (Instead that's the ending you get.)
(3) The husband gets suspicious, the dog roams the yard, the cat roams the house...
(4) Plot your routes, such as the toilet window and back door!
(5) Use furniture and blind corners to evade detection!

This is an action RPG with 10 ecchi scenes.
Successfully complete all ecchi experiences for a special scene!

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free).

While Her Husband Sleeps screenshotWhile Her Husband Sleeps screenshot

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