What If The Heroes Were Defeated and Turned Into Slaves!? poster
Updated 2020-11-01

What If The Heroes Were Defeated and Turned Into Slaves!?

What fate awaits the heroes after they are defeated,
and turned into slaves free to be used by bandits and monsters?

A F*re Embl*m Heroes interspecies sex CG set.


While fighting otherworldly invaders as an idol in Tokyo, Ts*basa and co are suddenly
summoned to another world!

They are asked to take on bandits who are targeting the village they were brought to, 
but the summoning left them at level 1, and they are soundly defeated.
Their bodies are free for molestation...!?

They are made into salves, and sold at an auction to the highest bidder.

The other heroes of the world are not free of such a cruel fate either.
B*leth and co. are just soaking up the summer sun at the beach when they are assaulted
by monsters!

Idols, heroes, even fairies are captured, and fondled, one after the other!?

19 base CG
300+ CG total including variations
+ 5 novel characters

Will the pleasure corrupt them...?

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