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Updated 2023-01-22
Developer Xyronie
Patreon Xykun
Total size 2gb
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What Could Have Been (Remastered)

Hey guys our new AVN is getting a Remaster.
Our first release last year was not ideal because it was a bit rushed and we made a lot of mistakes.....We also have a few problems then before considering some misunderstandings too along the way.   

But now with my new solid team of friends, who is willing to support me along the way, I am confident that I can bring our project back in its track and learn from our mistakes back then. Instead of focusing on Ep2, we decided that we remaster and add more scenes on our Ep1.

Here are the Changelogs:
1000+ renders with 400+ additional ones.
Thousand more lines of Dialogue edited, added and refined.
Added 69 music and sound effects.
12+ more scenes in the remastered version.
Some early renders were edited and refined.
And no animations for now.. Sorry xD
Beginning of a great Adventure.

Nico's Introduction
Vivianne and Sachi's Introduction
Jessica and Julliana's Introduction
Kaye's Introduction
Anne's Introduction

Our AVN is focus on wholesome part of the story but worry not. I'll be adding some spicy scenes on future updates xD.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us in this past months and was waiting patiently as we work thru our AVN... We would also like to thank the ones who helped and guided us in making our project. We really couldn't do this without you guys ... Thank you Thank you so much.   

A bit of a background on our story.   


You play as Paul (Can be changed),a "regular" guy who was just recently fired from the work. After sulking for a while, he found a job under the most powerful family in the city and meets a whole new people who is going to be working with him from that time on. Leaving something in the past, Paul doesn't realize that what he left was catching up to him ...   

and will endanger everyone whom he cherishes...  

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