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Updated 2022-03-13
Developer 1st Year Herbs Project
Language original
Total size 365mb
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Welcome! Incest Paradise

Original title: ようこそ! 相姦パラダイス

a simple synopsis
 One day, my mother received a pair-ticket travel ticket for a resort called "Innes Island".
 According to a friend who gave the ticket, it is a paradise that everyone in the know knows.
 Instead of his father, who has not returned recently, Yu, who is his only son, will accompany him.
 Two people excited to travel without parent and child water for a long time.
 However, why is it an island that people in the know?――
 It was a paradise for incest lovers, where incest lovers gather.

~ Basic data ~
 - Basic CG19 sheets (the total number of sheets is about 400 if you include the animation difference).
 - The event scene is basically animated.
 - It is a short story of about 30 minutes to play time.
 - You can recall all the scenes after clearing.

※ Attention ※ 
 This work is produced in RPG Maker MV.
 Please check the operation in advance trial version.


~ かんたんなあらすじ ~

~ 基本データ ~
 ・ 基本CG19枚(アニメ差分を含めれば総枚数は400ほど)。
 ・ イベントシーンは、基本的にアニメーションになっています。
 ・ プレイ時間30分~程度の短編です。
 ・ クリア後にすべてのシーンを回想できます。

※ 注意 ※ 

This game by 1st Year Herbs Project is provided for you by members of xplay.me and is available for free to download right now. The total size of this game is 365 MB. Try to play other shota and mother games to find your favourite. Take a look at the screenshots of this before downloading it to meet the style and the gameplay. Share your opinion about this game to allow others to discover it. You can find more adult games like this using search by tags or by category.

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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