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Updated 2023-05-26
Developer DESSERT Soft
Language original
Total size 4gb
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WANNABE→CREATORS deluxe edition (related products of this title)

Original title: WANNABE→CREATORS 豪華版 (このタイトルの関連商品)

The main character "Akitsu Ren" was living in the countryside, where his parents left him, 1 person, and he was living in seclusion.

Every day I endure a lonely time by writing secondary fiction novels of fictional works such as manga, novels, anime, and games.

Ren's second novel, which he posted on the Internet, produced a bad response.
As a fake more interesting than the real thing.

Eventually, Ren's secondary creation came to be called the "original killer" who folds the brush of the original author、
It was starting to make a noise in the narrow world of novel posting sites ......

One day, Ren fulfills the encounter of fate with big tits active JK miss who is active in the line as a young genius creator "Shino Miya Leah".

Ren, who has found talent in her, moves to the residence of the Shino-miya family、
In order to become a "partner" of Leah, it was transferred to the Tokiwa Art School where the eggs of creators gather.

In this school, students of the art department with high creative ability were wide, and students of the ordinary department had a narrow mind.

Ren is unable to make an original work due to a certain opportunity, and such a man receives disdain from the surrounding students and becomes isolated.

In frustration, Ren was stepping into the school's circle building.

it's about a talented writer、
Group activities consisting of supporters supporting the activities.

Becoming a professional creator is not the only way.
Editing, assistants, supporters .......
This school was also a place where creators and those who admire and serve their talents met.

If it is for someone, it may be able to create it again.
In search of a new place, Ren knocks on the door of the circle.
To the garden where only creative girls gather, no boys allowed――














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