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Updated 2022-11-13
Developer blemishine
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Walking Forward

Life is full of surprises. You will never know what awaits you tomorrow. Whatever it might be, you will have to keep walking forward; because how your life goes is all on you. 

Welcome to the city of Ad Adastrias, a city in the fictional European country of Ris Empirus. Here, you will meet with 5 different individuals, each story of their own: Reynald Schwarz, Koslov Tchaikovsky, Irene-Jones Riviera, Dimitri Lightfield, and Marcus Klein. You will accompany them to overcome the past, navigate the present, and strive toward the future. Guide them to the light, don't let them be swallowed by the darkness that once thrived. 

Their fate is in your hands. Therefore, be wise and kind, dearest companion. 

Author Notes:

- No character sprites are available ATM,  so I humbly ask for your understanding.  As this is the prologue and build 0.1, there isn't much included but don't worry! Many more will be added as I progress and hopefully will be able to present you with an appropriate visual novel worthy of your time! 

- The cover image is a placeholder, FYI. It's a little tricking, ha ha ha … but yes, this is a gay (mostly) furry visual novel. You might find some things that are different, though... And yeah, it is for 18+ audiences.

- NSFW? Yes, but IDK when and how.

- Please leave your thoughts here! I'd like to know what you think of my very first project! Your opinions and criticism help me improve the game! Do tell me if you find errors and/or typos too.

Well then, I wish you a good walk~

(P.S. I don't really have anything to offer there, but here's my  if you're interested!)

(P.S.S. For Android and iOS build you'll have to wait, sorry...)

(P.S.S.S. Actually there's a playlist that currently only contains 2 songs: "Message in a Bottle" by Taylor Swift, and "Running in the Dark" by MONKEY MAJIK. I just think these two fit the story and they're neat (not tied to any character though, but overall).)

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