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Updated 2024-02-12
Developer Frankov6723
Language en
Total size 131mb
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Waifu-card Game

Waifu- card game is a deck building rogue-like game, where the cards are waifus from different animes or games, currently the game has 30 cards and 20 floors.
There are some explainations for the game: 

Cards are divided into two types: Attack and Support. Attack cards deal damage and/or some kind of effect on the enemy. Those have elements of which there are 5: Water(blue), Fire(red), Rock(sand color), Darkness(dark grey) and Light(white), there are elemental weaknesses:
Water >>> Fire
Fire >>> Rock
Rock >>> Water
Darkness <<<>>> Light
If you hit an enemy with their weakness they will take double damage, but if they attack with the element that is favorable to them you will deal 75% of the original damage

Support cards have 3 types, Utility(Green) Shield(Silver), and Buff/debuff(Purple)

Sorry if theres any speling mistake, english is not my first language

ill try to continue updating the game, there are some things i have planned:
-more cards
-more floors
-Adding the possibility to upgrade your cards, this will make them stronger and change the image

Also any ideas or feedback are appreciated

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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