Updated 2020-09-21
Developer SoYundSalT
Rip by s-hentai



Protagonist Shiori is suddenly captured by a mysterious person, and dragged off to an underground world.
She awakens in bondage clothing, with piercings on her nipples and clit.
Unaware of her current situation, she has no choice but to seek escape in her sexually exposed form...

[Game Contents]

A fast and fluid side-scrolling action game featuring a protagonist in bondage.
You can use knives and guns to attack, and execute dashes and jumps to clear obstacles.

You can recover health by masturbating.
Furthermore, when your masturbation reaches it's climax, you can unleash a huge full-screen attack.

[Ero Elements]

Acquire items inside stages to view HCG with textual story. (35 in total)
Enjoy with your preferred text position, variation, flash, audio playback, etc.

Acquiring the same item over again gives you viewable setting documents (50 in total)
View various pose art and setting details.

There are also various female characters in the stages to accent the action gameplay.

There is no defeat ero, since the game is all about high-tempo action play.

[CV Performance]

Voicework for the heroine and NPC characters was all provided
by the lovely Yukiko Shinomori. Enjoy her intense moans!

[Save System]

Stages contain invisible mid-point saves, so if you get a game over, you don't lose all your progress.
There is also an option to auto-clear a level, and trigger progression. There are no penalties for this.

[Clear Bonus]

When you clear the game, there is an extra difficult EX stage unlocked, with tougher bosses awaiting you.
Clearing this stage unlocks the full Gallery.
You can unlock the Gallery by using the above-mentioned trick as well.

[Full Configuration]

Compatible with keyboard and gamepad, with full key configuration
* Not compatible with sticks, D-Pad is locked

Separate audio configuration options are included as well. (BGM, SFX, Voice)

The BGM is all original!
The BGM will also be sold as a soundtrack / sound materials set.


Please check the Readme.txt before playing.

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