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Updated 2016-11-17
Developer Fairy Key
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Ultra Depraved Princess Sapphire Soap

* Story

Vagiemeral is a kingdom in ruin.

Ruled by violence and poverty and slave-sellers,
it is a corrupt place where any challenge to its authority
is punished by execution.

There was once a glimmer of hope.
Sapphire was her name, and she was a princess.

* Prologue

The Year of the Monkey, 762, May.
In a destitute sex parlor, a lone girl was found dead.

She had committed suicide.

A study of the corpse revealed her history.

Her name was Sapphire... a princess, who famously
disappeared many years ago.

This story is the chronicle of how she fell.

Age at the time of death: 22
Dedicated to Princess Sapphire

* Game

Follow Sapphire on her doomed path.
From her first action, she's beset by bribers and sexual knaves.

They are the upper echelons of power. They want to destroy her.
Sapphire is the kingdom's one and only hope.

Traps aplenty bring her low,
until she has no more pride as a princess.

Enjoy scenes of brothel play, ass-licking that makes her vomit,
other filthy and corrupting events... drugs and sexual discovery
that hasten her journey to the gutter-bottom of depravity.

She begins to moan like an animal.

Princess Sapphire, nobody is coming to save you.

... and even when it seems it can get no worse,
the upper echelons of power have a secret plan yet to enact.
Incest r*pe, betrayal, overrunning, spiritual destruction...

Saphhire falls and falls and falls, into hell's abyss.

* Characters

Sapphire - princess, age 18
Bulof - noble, age 56
Jagma - noble, age 37
Osam - fiance, age 25

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