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Updated 2023-08-31
Developer Uskprod
Language en
Total size 103mb
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Ultimate Pleasure Cruise

🔞This game is for ADULTS ONLY! 🔞 It features explicit sexual content.

You're one of 100 lucky passengers who have been selected for a free cruise on Neptune's Rose, the flagship of Ultimate Pleasure Cruises. You've got 5 days and 4 nights of relaxation and fun in the sun ahead of you. Lounge by the pool, win big at the casino, experience fine cuisine, and flirt with your 99 fellow passengers. Can you make a connection before you return to port?

Ultimate Pleasure Cruise is a sandbox dating sim with a focus on gradual character improvement through grinding. Activities around the ship increase your stats, which in turn increase your overall attractiveness, which acts a multiplier to relationship points earned by interacting with passengers. Your fellow passengers are randomly generated each cruise with unique names, appearances, and preferences. Your stats carry over between cruises on the same save file.

After a few cruises, you'll start earning points that can be spent to enhance the ship itself. Along with basic improvements, there are upgrade paths that lead to exhibitionism and fat fetish/forced feeding content.

This game was developed in Godot 4 over about 90 days for the game jam.

Hints and Tips

Upgrade points are gated behind having sex with lots of different passengers. Look for passengers who touch themselves in public; they have very low attraction thresholds for casual sex.Long-form erotic stories are accessed by going on dates. Dates require a very high attraction rating, take an entire day, and can only be requested on the first 3 days of each cruise. There are currently two date scenes; each one is about 1200 words.It's hard to sleep with someone on your first cruise, but it should be possible. It gets much easier as you increase your stats.Pay attention to what activities you see your fellow passengers performing and what topics they mention in conversations; these are hints as to what kind of gifts they appreciate.

Known Issues

The download links may not work in Firefox. Chrome works fine, though.

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Download and install instructions

Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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