Updated 2017-11-28
Developer UtGo!
Language eng


This work was produced using UNITY.
It has been confirmed to work on a 64 bit windows PC.
But compatibility is quite reliant on the system environment.
Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

* Story

The protagonist is a young magic apprentice Mel.
He has a cute face and is always being sexually
teased by his magic teacher, the witch Nailiano.

Today, like every other day, he is played with by his teacher...
But... he ends up being transformed into a twintail hair styled magical girl!

His teacher won't help him return to normal...
she actually finds it to be quite the joke.
But one day, his teacher is abducted by monsters!
At this rate, he'll never return to his original male self.

With resolution in heart, Mel sets off in search of his teacher!

* Action

This product is a side scrolling action game.
We received feedback that our previous work SEMERA was
too hard so, this time we have toned down the difficulty and
focused more on the erotic contents...

When caught by the enemies, Mel gets r*ped, in animation!

Depending on your play style, there are 3 endings awaiting.

Official Blog (Japanese Language):

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