Tsumamigui 2 poster
Updated 2010-02-21
Developer Alice Soft
Language jap

Tsumamigui 2

Original title: 妻みぐい2

Three years after the events of the first game, Kanae divorced of her late husband and married the protagonist from the 1st game. Now they are living happily together with their two kids.
The new protagonist is Naoto, an university student good natured but a little womanizer. One day he receives a letter from his old neighroor and sempai from highschool days, Haruka "nee-chan".

Her husband is traveling to Italia, leaving her alone at their restaurant for an entire month, so she needs help.
You decide to help her, so you move to her block of apartments. Besides the new residents, there you meet your new neighroor Kanae (from the 1st game) too, who is feeling very alone because her beloved husband is traveling.

Now you have the chance to live with two beautiful wives during the time their husbands are away on business...

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