Transparent Dress Story poster
Updated 2020-11-26
Developer Izure Ayame ka Kakitsubata

Transparent Dress Story

To defeat the resurrected demon lord, the spirit of the hero possess Click.
However, as a side effect, he gets turned into a girl.
What more, since the hero was an exhibitionist, Click is only able to wear lewd clothing.
She has no choice but to go on an adventure to seal the demon king while exposing herself.


A symbol-encounter style RPG.
Delve through dungeons, and take out bosses after finding out their weakness.
Dungeons can be explored in your preferred order.
High-difficulty dungeon & hidden boss, etc. elements are included as well.

[H scenes]
15+ scenes (70+ variations)
Your sexual experiences give you titles, which lead to escalating H events.
(Viewed scenes can be seen again in the Gallery)

* Includes 10 types of dress-up costumes
Costumes change your pose art, villager reactions, and sometimes lead to ecchi scenes

* 50+ pose art
Clothes and character expression can be changed at any time

* Made in RPG TKool MV.

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