Train Molestation poster
Updated 2021-01-22
Developer Hurricane Dot Com

Train Molestation

In this train molester simulation, you have your way with a schoolgirl on her way home.
Choose the icons to unleash your perverted fury.

Raising your Molester Level unlocks more icons.
However, if you feel her up too much, you'll get caught.
Know when to hold'em, know when to fondle'em...

- Controlled with the mouse
- Molester level goes up to 5
- If her Endurance gauge fills up, she'll escape, and perhaps snitch to the cops..
- Her gauge will lower during waiting motions.
- Pay attention to her reactions to molest with efficiency
- Enjoy pixel art animation courtesy of pixel artist Konzu

This is a short pixel art game.
For a deeper experience, please see "THE ELFHOLE (RE311305)", also by our circle.

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