Touch the molester train! ~ Shame training a cheeky female brat~ poster
Updated 2022-04-10
Developer Pillmenicon
Language original
Total size 422mb
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Touch the molester train! ~ Shame training a cheeky female brat~

Original title: The Molester Train! ~Sexual Schooling of Saucy Sluts~

ー Game Overview

Molester touch + animation + voice + training SLG
Two cheeky girls, in the train, will continue to molester and torture in public.


There is a ring line.
There were two female brats who let the man touch the body with tricks, winding up the money and goods.
Yuka Onozuka plays with a man in a mischievous mood.
A young lady who loves the pathetic appearance of a man, Tokushima Kaoruko.
one day, as usual, we search for prey.、
The two realize that the appearance of the men is different from usual ......

two cheeky little girls.、
Let's degrade to erotic woman by molester training!

ウ Uri of H Scene

You can train a girl as you like with easy touch.
So that you can play more radical if the scene advances ......
On the status screen, you can see the state of mind of the developed girl.

Situation of H

On the train, a situation surrounded by molesters.
the two girls couldn't ask for help around them、
It will be attacked as a desire.

ト Commitment Point

by the free touch point、
You can train the player's favorite places.
In the progress of the story and training、
Girls can enjoy the change.


Name: Yuka Onozuka
Occupation: Student
Sexual Experience: None
A high school girl who is winding up pocket money with a false accusation of molestation.
there was a place that originally made adults a fool、
Since I started this prank, I have come to think of a man as a "choro small fish".
While it seems to be winning, it is fragile if it is resisted.
Being made to like the body by men, Makoto awakens to the feeling for the first time since being born……

Name: Tokushima Kaoruko
Occupation: Student
Sexual Experience: Yes
A high school girl who is winding up pocket money with a false accusation of molestation.
The person who invited Yuka to this prank.
because he was born in a prestigious family and lived a life without disabilities、
It's just for the sake of a little thrill.
on the other hand, he has a desire to be abused in his heart、
That the makings will be awakened by being countered by men……


A molester simulation game with beautiful animation!
Teach some schoolgirls who think that falsely accusing men of molestation is all fun and games...
that it isn't so funny when the real thing happens to them!

This story revolves around a pair of devilish girls who purposely force men to touch them on the train,
so they can blackmail them for money.
Yuuka just loves toying with men, while Kaoruko loves seeing men at their most pathetic.
Today, while searching for their next prey, they notice something about the men here seems off...

[H Scenes]
Sexually train these naughty girls to your liking with the simple touching interface.
As scenes progress, more intense forms of training are unlocked.
On the Status screen, you can check how developed the girls have become, and how they feel about that...

The main theme is train molestation.
With the two girls unable to receive any help, they are the whims of horny hands...
Enjoy seeing the changes that come to their body as you work your molester magic...


Yuuka Onozuka
A schoolgirl that always had a penchant for making fun of men, but has ramped up her activity since realizing they're all pathetic marks waiting to get hustled.
However, she is surprisingly weak mentally, and her reaction to unwanted pleasure is something to behold...

Kaoruko Tokushima
A rich schoolgirl who wants for nothing, and is searching for some sort of thrill in life.
She found such a thrill in humiliating and ruining men.
Deep down though, perhaps she wants to be punished for her misdeeds...

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