Toshishita Gentei Nuki x2 Share-house ~Shiborare Kyoudou Seikatsu~ poster
Updated 2017-04-02
Developer Atelier Kaguya TEAM Gassa-Q
Language jap

Toshishita Gentei Nuki x2 Share-house ~Shiborare Kyoudou Seikatsu~

Original title: 年下限定ヌキ×2シェアハウス~搾られ共同性活~

It is the Summer holidays but you are lazing around doing completely nothing. Suddenly, your grandma makes a call and asks for your help to manage a student dormitory as a substitute dorm manager.
You agree to it and sets off for the dormitory.
After arrival, you have an unexpected encountered with your childhood friend, junior from part time work, junior from your former school club and your separated younger sister. To top it off, all of them are girls younger than you!!!!

Not only that, they seems to be approaching you for favours (by various and unsettling means).
Either they're your childhood friend or your sister. Your sex life with these young girls is just starting!!!

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