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Updated 2016-11-27
Version 1.05
Developer Ressentiment
Language jap
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2.28 (3196)

The World Reforming Adventure of Queen Iris

* Story
Our protagonist Iris, a queen by birth, goes on an adventure to set the country right.
With her own personal knight Silvia, they travel the lands punishing bandits and outlaws in an attempt to set them straight.

One day, Iris with her younger sister Sasha attempt to conquer a den of thieves.
All seemed to be going well as they easily laid waste to the small fry crims...
They could never have imagined what was lying in wait for them.

* Game content
- Short game. Approximately 3-5 hours playtime
- However, lots of H scenes all around. Have a great time finding them.
- Complete the dungeon with erotic content all along the way.
- An original battle system. You can enjoy laying waste to multiple enemies.
- Skill use limit adds tactical and strategic side to the game.
- Lots of gear to collect and skills to use. See if you can collect everything!
- Synthesis system for obtaining high quality magical equipment.

Image resolution 1280x960

* H Content
- Over 40 H scenes (some with animation!)
- This time there may be a vile antagonist?
- Several lost battle r*pe scenes
- and of course, everyone's favorite prostitution system
- Pregnant pose CG / birth scenes for each game character

* Pregnancy guard system
When the guard gauge reaches 0...

* Other systems
- H scene replay / CG viewing
- Message skip function

* Trial version
- Only the first dungeon
- 7 H scenes
- No pregnancy events
- CAN carry over save data to full version

* Note
Using Tkool MV. Try demo/trial to confirm
whether your system has adequate specifications.

The World Reforming Adventure of Queen Iris screenshotThe World Reforming Adventure of Queen Iris screenshotThe World Reforming Adventure of Queen Iris screenshot

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