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Updated 2017-01-06
Developer frillboy
Language jap
Total size 282mb
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The Wolf Comes Home

Yuji was the blessed, happy son of a distinguished family until the airplane crash. His parents were confirmed dead, and the body of his meek little brother Sora was never found. Several years passed, and Yuji now managed the family business.

One day the news came. Sora had been found. Sora was alive.

His brother was feral, more animal than human, barely recognizable under an unruly mane of hair and almost incapable of speech, yet he was undeniably Yuji's brother. The family business stipulated that Yuji should be the one to re-integrate Sora to society.

The brothers, reunited, began a new life together.

* Otoko no ko / Shota crossdressing drama

Art by Ame Kanro
Written by Kouji

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