The Vengeful Orc poster
Updated 2016-04-06
Developer Tistrya
Language jap

The Vengeful Orc

An orc with no memories lived in the remote mountains.
Despite his fearsome looks, he was a kind, peaceful creature.

One day found a human child. It was innocent and accepting
of the fearsome-looking orc, and the orc, so moved by its acceptance,
opened its heart and adopted the child as his own.

But there was a war, and the human child died.

The orc learned that the war was waged by a princess knight.
In misery and sorrow, a deep instinctual violence awakened.

Revenge! Revenge! Revenge!

"The time has come!
No more peaceful orc. I live to kill!
I will kill EVERYTHING!"

* An Action RPG by Tristrya *
Standard and Easy Modes, plus
Overdrive Orc Mode for those who don't have time to play games.

It takes some time to get to the first ecchi scene (about 20 mins).
If you want to get there fast, Easy Mode is recommended.

You can make progress quickly. The full game also has Gallery Mode.

That being said, if you like a good story and challenge, it's also good.

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