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Updated 2016-09-10
Developer dieselmine
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The Summer I Lost Her

Summer vacation in a provincial town.
Tomoki, the protagonist, assists Kanae, his lifelong friend,
schoolmate, secret crush and attendant to the local shrine.
A troublemaker meddles in their happiness.
One day, a small "hokura" is broken near the shrine-----
The trivial problems of youth take on a foreboding dread,
as evil creeps upon Kanae's god-gifted purity......

dieselmine presents:
The Summer I Lost Her
(Osananajimi wo Ushinatta Natsu..., lit. "Summer of Lost Childhood Friend")

* Story

Their town wasn't big enough to be called a city, but it wasn't too far off.
Tomoki Oosumi was more than happy to help Kanae Shinomiya prep for the local festival.
She was shorthanded; her parents had left her to manage the shrine herself.
It wasn't the first time, and it certainly wasn't a bother to Tomoki. Any excuse to hang out with her.

He arrived and started cleaning when Shinya Kaidou came around.
Shinya was the closest thing Tomoki had to a love rival.
Hot-heated and quick to violence, Shinya never gave up trying to "get" Kanae
while only giving her more reasons to dislike him.
Kanae knew aikido from her father, and today she used it on him.
Shinya was humiliated.

That night, a spot behind the shrine was vandalized.
Kanae didn't know the origin of this "hokura" or who broke it, but soon enough she
heard rumors of demonic sightings and assaults around town.
At the same time Tomoki noticed a change in Kanae.
Shinya was no longer coming around like before.
At night, he was having disturbing dreams......

Something terrible was unleashed when that hokura was broken------

* Situations
- peeping / voyeurism in the bath

- coerced masturbation in front of a man

- paizuri & fellatio

- sumata with stifled voice

- assault in front a cherished friend

- cuckolding over the phone

- disgrace committed where memories were made

- immorality and corruption at the shrine

- pissing while a friend watches

- miserable yet pleasurable begging


* Kanae Shinomiya
CV: Megumu Morino
The eponymous childhood friend.
A "miko" (shrine maiden) outside of her normal studies,
Kanae has a strong personality has always been a friend to Tomoki.
Her best feature is her beautiful, flowing black hair.
Also, recently, she is admirably buxom.
She's not good with technology and doesn't own a phone.
When she was young Tomoki told her a scary story, since then
she has had a lifelong fear of ghosts.

* Shinya Kaidou
CV: Kotetsu Arakawa (TAK)
The local hoodlum.
He's been trying to woo Kanae for years to no avail.
Pushy, overbearing and physically fit but a loser in real fights,
Shinya has a chip on his shoulder.
In short, a bad apple with a grudge.

* Minori Nagahashi
CV: Megumu Morino
Kanae and Tomoki's classmate.
Fond of books, and likes to discuss them.

* Tomoki Oosumi
The protagonist.
Classmate and childhood friend of Kanae.
He likes her more than he can bring himself to say.

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