The Seeding Doesn't Stop as the Caretaker for a Dorm Full of Sexy Ladies poster
Updated 2020-03-27
Developer Norn/Miel/Cybele
Rip by mikocon

The Seeding Doesn't Stop as the Caretaker for a Dorm Full of Sexy Ladies

After suffering the hardships of working life in the city,
you retire to the countryside to work as the caretaker for a female dorm.
The 4 lovely ladies living there are very interested in a young guy like yourself,
and welcome you with some sneaky nighttime baby-making sex.
With such lewd ladies, your fortunes have turned, and it's time to enjoy your new harem life~

Featuring 4 smoking hot women: A provocative doctor, a familial food coordinator,
a tanned sports instructor, and a sharp teacher.

With lust practically gushing out of them, your dick is gonna have to work overtime.
Touch them even a little, and things will escalate to full-on fucking!
And yet all of them are virgins! Well, the first time you copulate with them, anyways.

Enjoy a variety of situations such as hot spring harem, nurse cosplay and check-up,
breast-fucking, preg-body waitress special service, ass massages, and more!

Hear their erotic panting as they work their bodies to squeeze every last drop
of baby-making milk out of you. With a healthy, heaping dose of dirty talk to accompany.

[Character Voices]
Nene Tsukimori (as Kaya the doctor)
Risa Kimishima (as Satomi the food coordinator)
Uitenpen (as Kaoru the sports instructor)
Azuki Fuyumiya (as Saori the teacher)

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