The Seal Master of Tamamo Village ~I can do Night Work too!~ poster
Updated 2018-01-25
Developer H Chromosome
Language jap
Version 1.0

The Seal Master of Tamamo Village ~I can do Night Work too!~

* Story *
There is a girl named Tamamo living in a village.
She is a Seal Master... that specializes in sending wandering
spirits to their rightful place in the realms beyond...

There's just one catch... the ingredients that Tamamo needs
to make her special sealing items is... 'Life Force'... Yes. That's right.

White, warm, sticky and smelly... 'Life Force'.

* Game System *
No annoying battles at all!

Use an sealing item to send wandering spirits to the realms beyond.
No difficult battles or anything so those that don't like RPGs can enjoy!

Any H scene you have witnessed before is skip-able.

* H events *
17 types of events implemented.
The more you perform them, the more become available.
Parameters change and there are events that are triggered by
merely talking to the villagers. (Reminiscence mode implemented)

* Situations *
Double handjob, fellatio, cowgirl style,
gangbang, orgy, tentacle H, slug H, dragon H.

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Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.


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