The Revenge of Summoner Jace poster
Updated 2017-10-07
Developer OOPARTS
Language jap

The Revenge of Summoner Jace

Jace, a summoner who resides in the Kingdom.
He is currently, fuming with rage.
Having lost his job, the trust of those around him,
everyone speaks words of abuse and ridicules him
as a good for nothing, useless nincompoop.
Towards his skill, the art of summoning, they say
"What's the use of calling Goblins and Slimes?"
"You yourself aren't doing anything at all"
"More like, it's misleading, you charlatan!"
Why can they not understand?
Why do they not recognize my skill?
Why, why, WHYYY...!?

It was at that time...
that he summoned an ancient and feared God...!!
"Ex Machina"

...and having gained the ability to top time as the
result of doing so, he vows to get revenge on those...
Those fools, those bitches, those who scorned and
abused his summoning prowess and he himself...!!

The amount of time that time can be stopped
is replenished by having sex with Machina.
Use the replenished time to perform various acts
on the characters of your choice!!
When time starts to flow once more, the built up pleasure
will flow mercilessly throughout the characters body!!
Humiliate them! Make them twitch and twist,
screaming in pleasure before a public audience!!

* Time Stopping Actions are all Pixel Animation.

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