The Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria 2 (Initial Version, Updates Expected) poster
Updated 2021-01-01
Developer House of Black Dream Fantasies


The Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria 2 (Initial Version, Updates Expected)

There will be bug fixes and materials added which will require you to re-download.
Recommended purchase with DLsite account for updates.

* This version is estimated as 70~80% until final completion.
(I am releasing it as a completed product for the time being.)

* Some art may be unstable/unimplemented.
* There are some sub-characters that have unimplemented H contents (will add in updates)
* Images (pixel art, event CG), BGM editing, pixel H, sub-events, and bonus scenarios
expected to be added in updates.

* It can take longer than 50+ hours to complete the game.
The erotic content to playtime ratio may be a little lower because of this.
Enjoy it as a long RPG with some erotic content added.

* Bugs may occur so we recommend having multiple save files while playing.

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.


Male Protagonist + Heroine fusion transformation action game
Though the male protagonist can cross-dress/sex-change, the H scenes are mainly
pixel art between male protagonist x monster girls.

The trial version has been updated to "ver.trial-3-1" with bug fixes.

* You can enjoy playing the opening story in the trial version.
Though it contains overlapping content with C92's "The Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria 2
[In Production Version] (RE205566)", this is the newer version.
You can enjoy playing areas a bit further than the previous C92 version in this trial.

* The save data from the trial version can be transferred to the retail version.
However, because the trial version is the in-production version, there may be elements
that will not carry over to the retail version.

* There may be some abnormal/grotesque themes, but most themes are displayed through pixel art.

Protagonist boy, girl, etc. Mirukurumi
Spika, Maria Usa, etc. Gemiko Yamada
Lucille Maria Ayana
Phia Megumu Morino
Atmisia Ao Kuranami
Mill, Milala Yuuka Mizuki
Castle Guards (norm, sword) Kurumi Mochitsuki
Witch Mio Namimi
Store Worker (fake), etc. InugamiAu
Cocotte, etc. Uno Amane
Almacot, etc. Amane
Death Succubus, etc. Akira Nishida
Fairy Store Worker, etc. hana
Alraune of the Lake Chaho Ooi
Blader, etc. Momo Hayasaka

Other CV/Circle SFX:
Tiger Lily / CV: Ryou Suzuki
aegigoe_honpo Ero Voice Materials
Mizinko Materials / CV: Phan Masaki

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