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Updated 2022-02-28
Developer RedSparrow
Total size 130mb
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The pacifier project

For a long time, I wanted to try my hand at developing an ABDL game. The pacifier project is my first shot at it. Currently at early alpha stage, the backbone of the game is complete and ready for further development.

What is The pacifier project?

The pacifier project is an adventure-RPG taking place in a currently unamed city. While your character is living her life happily, you get caught in some events that involve a mysterious organization kidnapping young women.  Will you be able to uncover the mystery surrounding the city, and keep your pants dry in the meantime?

This is a game focused on exploration and investigation. For now, there's no combat system, and the gameplay loop focus on exploring your surrounding and finding items (and of course, incontinence-related gameplay).

Who is on the team?

Me, myself and I. I'm a software developper with good knowledge in game development, even though I'm a bad 3D artist. This mean that the funds I'll be able to raise will go into buying assets to make the game prettier. As I'm alone, this is of course a long-term project, so don't expect updates every day!

What's next?

The current downloadable build is the the first alpha release. It's very short in term of content, but every core system of the game is working and functionnal, so I'll be able to expand on it quickly.

What I intend to do next is focus on creating content (levels, story path and side quests) before polishing existing systems. 

 I want to play a boy/ character customization/more clothes/whatever

You're right ! It's the core of an RPG to be able to customize your character and dress it up. However, as I said, I'm not a 3D artist, so developing news assets, especially high quality ones for the player, is very time consuming. That's why, for now, my main priority is content. As soon as I'll get enough funds, I'll buy news assets and I'll be able to open up to more customization settings. As I said, all the main system is working on the back-end, so as long as I got the asset, it will be easy to add it.

And if I want ?

You can always drop a comment, and I'll see if I can implement it.. 

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