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Updated 2018-09-22
Developer Clymenia
Language rus

The Nobleman's Retort

Japanese Title: Saimin Kizoku (lit., "Hypnosis Aristocrat")
A Revenge & Ecchi Itazura RPG!


Young nobleman Johan lived rent-free in the manor of his lord uncle
until Octavia, the lady of the house, expelled him.

The embittered nobleman came upon a demon who taught him a power.
Thus, he plotted his revenge on Octavia, and her daughter Isabel.



Johan's female cousin, a cheerful lively sort who speaks her mind.
She finds Johan's gloomy nature quite unpleasant.


Johan's aunt by marriage and royal by birth. Unbearably arrogant.
She is her own first priority, and always ensures she gets her way.


You can play the prologue of the game by downloading the trial.
It's a limited experience; please read the limitations in the included text file.
This game was created with and requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free).

The Nobleman's Retort screenshotThe Nobleman's Retort screenshotThe Nobleman's Retort screenshot

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