The Nekoronomicon poster
Updated 2019-01-10
Developer digital onahooole
Language jap
Version 5.0

The Nekoronomicon

Lulier, a cat-eared girl in the Magical Land, struggles to
get the Nekoronomicon back stolen by a thief using
magic spells in this Exploration-Based Action Game.


- Attacks
Switch the element of her attacks between Flame and Ice to beat enemies effectively.
Holding the attack button charges the power and makes the spell stronger.
The magic shot can be directed upward/downward so that she can deal with
different positions and sizes of enemies. Also, her magic is as potent as,
for example, capable of operating gimmicks and eliminating obstacles.

- H Attacks & Special Moves
Her clothes will be ripped off and she will get naked upon too much damage.
Plus if she got caught by an enemy in the state she will fall victim to H attacks.
Even worse, there is a possibility of a gangbang if caught by multiple enemies.
But don't worry.
Lulier has the power to convert semen into her magic.
When r*ped a lot, it can be a chance to make a comeback with a special move!
She can also recover her health using the special move point.
These features allow players with less action game experiences
to go through this game using healing and special moves after r*pes.

* H Animations

H actions in this game are all animated.
Touching another monster during an H motion causes a gangbang.
Exclusive situations & animations are implemented for game over screens.
Having become a seedbed of monsters, she will be forced into
birthing, become a cumdump and so on and on.

The total number of frames in H scene motions is 2,500 including variations.
During the development of this product, every frame went through our strict
check & refinement process. Please enjoy the choicest erotic animations.

Version updates (with additions of H scenes) are planned.

* Other Info

CV: AsagiShiki
Game Genre: Action
File Format: Application

* Operational Environment
HDD: 1GB or more remaining space
Memory: 1GB or more available memory required

DirectX 9
Graphic environment supporting Pixel Shader 2.49 or later
(I think most of recent PCs are OK but please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.)

The Nekoronomicon screenshotThe Nekoronomicon screenshotThe Nekoronomicon screenshotThe Nekoronomicon screenshotThe Nekoronomicon screenshotThe Nekoronomicon screenshotThe Nekoronomicon screenshotThe Nekoronomicon screenshot

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