The NEET Who Would Be HERO ~The Epic Sex Tale of a Jobless Dude~ poster
Updated 2016-10-13
Developer princia
Language jap

The NEET Who Would Be HERO ~The Epic Sex Tale of a Jobless Dude~

* Story

Alnesta was threatened by a demonic overlord.
The soldiers held the demon at bay.

On the border between the invading front and Alnesta's greater kingdom
there was a neutral township called Kulan.
Monsters had once attacked the town, and a local man named Setan stopped them.
But that was ten years ago, and in the intervening decade Setan had done little.
He was known as a bum, a jobless layabout, his heroism forgotten.

It was another lazy day in Kulan when a girl in unusual garments arrived.
The girl met with Setan and beseeched his help.
Would he join her in a great mission to stop the invasion of Alnesta?

Setan was moved by her beauty, and was inspired to action.

...... Yes, THAT sort of action, with HER ......

He agreed to join mage-heroine Iyfu on one condition: she is his sex slave.

If she refused, no problem. He had no desire to fight monsters anyway.
But contrary to his expectation, Iyfu said yes. Sex.


An epic sex tale in 4 chapters.
Make love with, defile or assault the pretty slave...
as the bastard hero on his own selfish quest.

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