The Legend of the Holy Tree poster
Updated 2020-06-17
Developer Doushin Chaya
Version 1.40
Rip by s-hentai

The Legend of the Holy Tree


Having been finished with its duties, a big tree standing at the center of the world is withering...

The light that shines upon the world has dimmed, becoming a world of darkness where monsters lurk.

One day, a spirit of the big tree, Moa, is visited by a chosen boy, Klein.

To reclaim humans' prosperity, Klein is bound to advance Moa to the world tree.

[H Scenes]
15 base CG
14 H scenes, 1 event scene
Purify "miasma" that accumulates within the heroine while going up the big tree!
Different amounts of miasma show different H scenes.

[Estimated Playtime]
About 3~4 hours

[Interaction with the Heroine]
You can deepen the bond with her and become stronger
through talking to her and giving her presents!

[Crafting & Cooking]
With materials available in the way of exploring the big tree,
you can cook and create weapons and equipment!

Scenario: KarinTOU
Text: Erumu
Artwork: G

Requires RPG TKool VX RTP:

Please place the game folder directly on your PC to play this game.

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