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Updated 2023-01-30
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The Land Of Arabasta


As a young orphan male, the protagonist has always felt like an outsider in his village. One night, he discovers a notebook written by his father, who had disappeared mysteriously. The notebook contains cryptic clues about an ancient crypt hidden somewhere in the village. Determined to solve the mystery and find out what happened to his father, the protagonist sets out on an adventure to find the crypt. He follows the clues and eventually stumbles upon a hidden entrance in the village cemetery. As he enters the crypt, he is plunged into darkness and the ground gives way beneath him. He wakes up to find himself in a vast desert, disoriented and alone.

about the game the story of this game is 80% finished but i do need time to develop the game as i am not good at coding neither making art but i will do my best but the story universe will be devided into three games in the future i promise a unique universe and a unique experience as i progress and even if you can donate i will be happy if you join our community and give me your honest opinion at what i actually need to do to fix and progress the game as the community see fitGameplay:- Visual Novel story progression- Powered by Renpy EnginePlanned features:-Dating sim stat and quest progressionrpg stats and game economyfree roaming and better mapbetter graphic and texture other sequels to the game that hold the same importance as the first game.

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