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Updated 2018-02-09
Developer CLOCK SAND
Size 1gb
Language jap
Version 1.06
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The Dark Blue Vampire

On that day, the protagonist was attacked by a vampire, and became one himself.
He is told a vampire can only live by "sucking" the blood of others, but he can achieve this by simply touching with the palm of his hand.
And so, he has no choice but to chase after the only fitting partner in the school for it, Itsuki Yasaki.
He starts her "bloodsucking" with simple touching, but as though he is being manipulated by someone, he becomes more intense, and ends up raping her.

* Battles are for bosses only, with action and command battle modes.

*While the protagonist is a vampire, there is no actual bloodsucking, just regular H. There is no depiction of blood outside deflowering.

*This game only has happy endings

Itsuki Yasaka isn't a vampire
She doesn't become a vampire

23 base CG
Over 600 variations!

[Update History]
v1.02 - H Events added
v1.03 - CG & Event Viewing Gallery Added
v1.05 - H Events added
v1.06 - H Events added
v1.07 - H Events added

The Dark Blue Vampire screenshotThe Dark Blue Vampire screenshotThe Dark Blue Vampire screenshotThe Dark Blue Vampire screenshot

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