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Updated 2022-08-25
Developer LewdRobotics
Patreon lewdrobotics
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The Builder - Episode 3

The BuilderHelp him impregnate a town full of women

Episode 1 - FREE DOWNLOAD - The story so far - NOW AVAILABLE HERE

In The Builder, you play the role of a skilled young man who is commissioned to build a memorial in a village in the far north.

Soon you discover that your real task is quite different: In order to save the village from extinction, you must make all the women there pregnant.

The Builder is a choice based visual novel game. It has a clear and engaging storyline and a rich cast of characters. Get ready for an experience out of the ordinary.

We follow the main character through a full year of work - all the way to the completion of the memorial - and the successful breeding of the women of the village.

Themes explored


The major plot centers around getting the ladies of the town pregnant. So there will be a lot of this going on in the game. Expect our hero to go balls deep in every female character at one point or another - with happy consequences.


Pregnant ladies are an aquired taste to some, while others immediately see the beauty of a future mother, not at least in what happens to her breasts, vagina and libido. The Builder does not shy away from a lot of pregnant sex.


As the pregnancy progresses and childbirth eventually happen, the milk factory starts working overtime. The Builder is a place where the various enjoyments of lactation will be explored to the full.


Not every woman is single and available all the time. To some, a married woman has a certain secret attraction. In The Builder, we will navigate the waters of (mostly) consentual breeding and cheating. Remember: It's all for a higher purpose.

Kinks and fetishes

Human sexuality is varied and inventive. The Builder aims to incorporate a lot of variations into the game. The most controversial ones will come with a warning and option to skip. Kinks (featured and planned) include

Fisting Peeing Robot sex Cuckolding Voyeurism Young - old Taboo/familyBeastiality Birth Breasts - all sizes and shapes Anal sex Multiple penetration Lesbian sex Domination and submission Mild BDSM Dildo and insertionsWatersportsMind break

The list is not extensive, and you can suggest plot elements and kinks over at the Discord server.

Harem route

The game has a harem route setting, where you will be the only one having sex with all the ladies. With this setting, there are no traces of other type of content.

If you switch harem route off, you will have access to more kinks. All controversial material is marked, so you can choose your mix.

Release plan

Episode 1 is in public release - FREE

Episodes 3 is downloadable here (Episodes 1-3 - the story so far)

Episode 4 is planned for primo September 2022

30 episodes in total are planned, covering the full storyline to its (surprising) clonclusion.


If you become a patreon, you automatically get access to the game's Discord server.

Welcome to the exciting world of The Builder!

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