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Updated 2023-11-21
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The Bawd

The Bawd is a medieval fantasy role playing game where you manage your house, mainly by turning it in to a brothel but there are and will be more alternatives. A lot is planned for the game as it is still in early development by myself.

Currently the game consists of:

Taking in various characters: There is a few different ways of doing this, but it's completely up to you what the members of your house will work as.Get to know the members of your house: You can spend time with the members of your house and get to know them in different ways. Currently you can have normal conversations, give a few gifts and spend ''quality'' time with them if they like you enough.Assign work to your members: Assign the members of your house different roles depending on what's needed and what their personal skills are.Train the members of your house: Currently all the recruits to your house will be very low tier, train them if you please or focus on recruiting better characters in the future.

Future updates will bring exciting enhancements to the game, including:

Turn-Based Combat: Prepare for strategic battles along side your loyal companions.Adventurous Quests: Embark on captivating quests that will immerse you in thrilling adventures, unveiling new storylines, challenges, and rewards.Diverse Characters with Distinct Personalities: Discover a rich array of characters, many with their own unique personalities and stories. Engage with these vibrant personalities, and some may even join your journey as valuable companions.Expand Your Household: Enrich your in-game experience by adopting characters into your house. Build relationships and create a dynamic and diverse community within your virtual home.

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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