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Updated 2014-02-03
Developer ONEONE1
Language jap
Total size 443mb
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Taima Ninja HIRAGI

The hopes of Strelitzia rest on the shoulders of one young girl with the Power of Taima;
a power she has never developed, a power that can save them all.

ONEONE1 presents an orgasmic interspecies birth RPG!!!

* Synopsis
Long ago, in the Human-Demon War of Strelitzia
a special human clan known as the Higanbana won victory
using the Power of Taima, a power that could kill demons.
Strelitzia was at peace... until one Higanbana betrayed
the clan and used Taima as she pleased.
Her name was Rindou.
In the years that followed Rindou's whims claimed many victims.
The Higanbana fought her but no one was powerful enough
to match her mastery of Taima. She was unstoppable.
All of Strelitzia's hopes rested on the shoulders of one young girl: Hiragi.
It was said that Hiragi's ability to wield the Power of Taima was limitless.
She just hadn't realized its potential.
While the Higanbana were restless to take action against Rindou
Hiragi was content to play around at apprentice level.
She needed a jolt.
So the people sent her on a mission of awakening.

* Fully voiced characters
The heroine + villain Rindou are fully voiced,
and some conversations with villagers too.

* Prostitution system
Hook up with customers to feel good... and get money of course.

* Clothed or naked adventuring
Per tradition, the heroine's armor gets knocked off in battles.
Hiragi's dialogue and villager reactions change depending on
how much or how little she's wearing.

* Birth is power!
Lesser monsters can impregnate the heroine!
When this happens you can choose a "birth" command
that will level up her stats. Get knocked up!
Get powered up!

* Abundant hentai situations
Gangbang parties, birth, weird sex contraptions,
tentacles, exhibition, tit f*ck, nipple f*ck, blowjobs,
futanari, futanari lesbians and more.

* No game over... except the Final Boss
Play as you like without permanent consequences...
But when you reach the ultimate battle, there's a possible BAD END
and GAME OVER consequence. Remember to save.

* New Game Plus
Challenge yourself to a stronger, tougher 2nd playthrough.
Character levels and gold, etc., carry over from the first play.

* Staff
Art by Taro
Scenario by Takehide / Christina MOSH
CVs by Rutolo Nanagi / Yuzuna

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
* Recommend purchase with DLsitea ccount for updates.
* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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