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Updated 2017-09-02
Version 1.1.3

Sword Princess FINE


Fine, the future queen of Asteria, was more athletic than academic.
She often slipped out of the castle to visit the old man who dwelled in a remote house.
That night after her holy studies, Fine had a dream visitation from a goddess.
Danger was approaching the land.

SIMPLE HOUSE presents an all-new R-18 original bishoujo RPG.

10 characters have H scenes with the protagonist:
a Shinto priest, sign girl, leader of the guards, widow, elf and the goddess among them.
Your choices will involve Fine with various people.
She can become fully nude, corrupt, r*ped or willfully whorish.
Certain bosses will also reward failure with assault scenes.
There are 43 base CGs and 109 total H scenes.

Battles are quasi-action style marked by enemy symbols.
Let's get out there and slay some squirming monsters.

* Save data cannot be transferred from the demo to the full game.

Created with RPG TKool VX Ace.
For details please see the Readme text file (Japanese)
included in the downloadable demo.

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