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Updated 2016-10-15
Developer Black Train
Language jap
Total size 477mb
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Sujimon Quest ~KACHIKOMI!~

An RPG about a genki girl with big tits who loves to watch & touch herself.

Nearly every H scene takes the form of "she's peeping on someone" but,
you can be sure her own body gets plenty of attention......

Featuring +/- 40 ecchi scenes with over 400 erotic CGs,
BlackTrain's Sujimon Quest ~KACHIKOMI!~ is packed with
peeping tomfoolery and realism-enhancing voice acting &
a treasure of facial expressions. (lots of ahegao)

* Story
Gaal's tranquil town is in crisis from rampant "Sujimon", or monsters
with a phallic "suji" between the legs. In order to save the town,
Gaal needs to harness the power of the legendary Sujimon...
Her quest to kachi'm all begins!

* System
Classic RPG gameplay created with RPG Tkool VX Ace.
Symbol encounters for battles with monsters.
Make certain choices during a battle for a post-battle H scene.
Defeat the boss to capture her, take her to the Li'l Brothel.
Enter the inn at town to trigger ecchi "night activity" events.

CVs: Mikan Nakano, Ao Inukai, Milk Amakawa

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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