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Updated 2018-12-08
Developer DojinOtome
Size 813mb
Language jap
Version 1.05
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"Reveal the secret of serial murder incidents!"

A succubus girl "Lilim" suddenly appears.
She says she gathers lifeforce from humans.
Later on, serial murder incidents occur. Is she the perpetrator, or...?

* Features *
- Cell Animation & Pixel H Animations!
Two different types of animations are contained.
The story progresses as a "Readable Anime" with comically moving characters

Pixel H: 25+ patterns
Cell Animation H: 20+ patterns
Number of frames overall: 2832

* Explore the Town to Widen the Playability! *
This game has more things to enjoy than having sex with Lilim.
For example, you can enjoy taking sneak shots of couples and
having physical relationships with NPCs around the town!

* Mystery Solving Part *
The story branches and the eventual ending will hinge on your reasoning skills.

* This game is created with RPG TKool MV.
* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

Succumate screenshotSuccumate screenshotSuccumate screenshot

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