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Updated 2020-11-20
Developer Succubus Diary


SuccubusAffection [English ver.]

Name: Succubus Affection.
Genre: erotic pixel action RPG.
Sex genre: erotic pixel, reverse rape sex with monster girls.
Erotic pixel art: 50 scenes + alpha (Naked versions, Bukkake versions, Protagonist's masturbation provocation, etc.)
Erotic CG: 5 base with many variations.

Set in a monster girl world where humans are mythical beings.
The protagonist is a human boy found by a succubus and raised in a country village.
One day the monster girls outside the village start assaulting him...


★Battle system
Fight by jumping, dodging, guarding
and with basic attacks as well as with 5 to 10 equippable skills
It's possible to change the overall difficulty and the number of skill slots at any time.
5 skill slots would be easy difficulty
for people who are not used to action RPGs

★Masturbation system
You can fap and cum anywhere, anytime.

★Travel with a companion
You can call forth up to 3 monster girls who you are friends with.
They will follow around behind you.
You can have sex with them anywhere, anytime.

★Summoning wherever you want
After completing the game you can call forth any monster girl you like, wherever you like.
In a quiet place, a crowded place, a pretty place or in a cave.
Gather your favorite monster girls and have sex.

■■■ Transferring save data ■■■
In this folder there is a file named 'SaveData'.
If you put this file in the new version's '~Data' folder
The save data will be transferred.
This goes for the trial version as well.
Take a backup of your save data just in case.

■■■ There's a trial version ■■■
Please check to see if the game works by playing the trial version.
For your reference it works on Windows 7 with 4GB RAM.

It's possible to play up to the end of stage 1.

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