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Updated 2024-03-28
Developer Hypnosis Lab
Patreon hypnosislab
Language en, zh_Hant
Total size 370mb
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Succubus Game v0.4


Hi, It's Raay.

 I have a bad habit of making things long. So in short: 

 1. Succubus Game will not be updated anymore...AND

 2. My new project Project Hypnosis will be updated on this new Patreon Page:

I'll explain everything.


- My Recent Status: 

 As you all know, this project has been stopped for more than a year. In the meantime, I was busy earning a living and drafting ideas for my new game. But it finally came to a point where I realized: it could take years and years to create a game alone with such an amount of content I pursue. Could this business even sustain while keeping you guys, or let's be honest, myself waiting for such a long time? Not to mention to come up with a real completed product. 

 I started looking for another way instead and eventually, I formed a partnership with a studio. With a small investment, I can now again focus on this career for a period of time and try to bring this game to reality. 

- Succubus Game:

To be clear, the development of Succubus Game is shut down. And v0.4 is the final update of the project.

2 main reasons. First, the development is not sustainable as mentioned before. If I kept working on it till now, it'd probably be like v0.7 or v0.8? And not even half of the game would be completed. Here comes the second reason, I am happy to keep on developing a good-enough project. But as my first attempt at game development, Succubus Game started to get unsatisfactory in terms of quality to me. 

Sorry to everyone who likes Succubus Game. I believe I've learned a valuable lesson from its development and it would help this new project.

 - Project Hypnosis: 

 Project Hypnosis is a brand-new Hypnosis-themed adult game. 

This is the second attempt at my game development career and my target is to publish its full version this time. 

 The first demo is currently scheduled to be debuted before July 2024, freely and publicly. Then early access to the newest version will be available on Patreon. The full version of the game will be on sale after completion. In the meantime, I'll keep updating the progress on the new Patreon page. 

If you have been following my Patreon, some of you may already have noticed this time it's a Monochrome (Black & White) art-style game! I know it would be very different from our previous Succubus Game in art and game system. Details of the game will be shown in the demo so give it a try at the time and let me know what you guys think about it! 

 - What is the benefit of becoming a Patron? 

 First, I am responsible for making it very clear: There is NO difference between Paid and Free membership CURRENTLY. Before the release of the first demo, every post on Patreon is publicly visible. 

 Now there is only 1 membership tier, Early Supporter, which is only available until a month after the release of the first demo. After that, this tier will be set to limited (unavailable for new users). 

 Early supporters can have the same benefits as the future new basic tier (with a higher price), including features like accessing the newest game version, with the same price as now. 

 You're not into supporting projects with nothing to play yet? Join as a free member and wait for the demo then! (Patreon Page -> Top-Right Corner "..." Button)

 - Why would this project need support? 

As a creator, I have unlimited ideas and thoughts to be put into the game. But in reality, we always need to manage our plans well with limited resources. Each of your support would let us know someone likes what we're doing, and we'll keep doing it till it becomes the final form that I want to present to you. 

 In other words, more patrons will unlock more content to be implemented in our development schedule. If you like and want to see this project become better and better, we would be very grateful to have you join the new community! 

Thank you for all the love on Succubus Game! See you in our new Game!!


大家好~ 我是Raay! 


 1. Succubus Game將不再更新...但是! 

 2. 新作Project Hypnosis將在以下新專頁上更新:



 - 近況: 



 - Succubus Game的狀況? 

Succubus Game的開發已經停止 


很抱歉所有喜歡Succubus Game的朋友們,我會將開發過程所得的經驗投入到新作中!

- Project Hypnosis: 

 《Project Hypnosis》是一款催眠題材的H-Game,本人生涯中的第二款作品,目標是能開發出完整版本 



 - 成為贊助者的奬勵? 

 注意: 目前成為付費會員和免費會員可獲取的內容沒有分別。在首個demo發佈前,新Patreon上的每個帖子都是公開可見的 



 若目前仍沒有贊助的打算,也請務必成為免費會員以取得首個demo發佈的通知!(Patreon 專頁-> 右上角 "..." 按鍵)

 - 為什麼要支持我們? 



再次感謝大家對本作的支持! 希望能在新作中與各位再見!

----------------------------------------------Mac Users-----------------------------------------------

For Mac users, there are a couple more steps to do:

1. Download the game and unzip it

2. Open Terminal and type "chmod -R 777 " (With a space at the end)

3. Drag the game(.app) into the terminal

(It should show "chmod -R 777 /*Path to the app*/*Game Name*.app")

4. Press Return

5. Try to open it again

(It should show something about "malicious software")

6. Press the left-top Apple icon -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy

7. Under the tab "General", press "Open Anyway" (Done~!)


Some issues with the Save system:

Since the game is being released part by part, sometimes I'd need to modify the contents from the previous versions. It could cause troubles among different versions of Save files.

If you are interested in future versions,  download the local version instead of playing it here. And you are recommended to backup your saves and save more frequently, especially the saves after each H-Scene, to prevent progress loss.



Updated v0.1


Updated v0.1a  (on Patreon)


Updated v0.1b Updated v0.2 (on Patreon)


Updated v0.2


Updated v0.2aUpdated v0.3 (on Patreon)


Updated v0.3a (on Patreon)


Updated v0.3aUpdated v0.4 (on Patreon)


Updated v0.4 (finale)

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