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Updated 2022-02-05
Developer viroa
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Language en

Stygian Flowers


An RPG about someone combing through the underworld to drag back her friend. The afterlife’s a big place, but luckily, some of its residents don’t mind helping out. 

In a land like this, enemies are a given. Slowly expand your skillset to squeeze out victories against tough opponents; there are no levels, no grinding, and no random encounters, so the only way to win is to cobble together a solid plan with try after try. Well, a little luck can’t hurt too.


Content updates are made “level” as they’re completed, aiming at a release at the first weekend of every other month.

To import old saves, please refer to the readme file.




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February 5, 2022 - v0.4.2 Patch Notes:

The Eidoscope now drops in the Third Locus after a fight if it wasn't picked up before.

February 4, 2022 - v0.4.1 Patch Notes:

Gallery revamp is here!Achievements have been added.Added number key shortcuts for the Purging Stone. Check the item description for details.Boat conversations can now be viewed in the gallery.The gallery now shows who is featured in a scene.Added a toggle to enable scene aftertalk when viewing them in the gallery.Gallery NPC replaced.Autosave title fixed. Again.Sprite when inside the gallery changed.

January 14, 2022 - v0.4.0 Patch Notes:

Complete fourth "level" added.Fixed a bug where weather effects carried over between areas when they weren't supposed to.Changed a route in the third Locus so you're more likely to see something.Shadows added to some enemy sprites.Buttons in the skill tree are now bigger.Minor script corrections.

December 4, 2021 - v0.3.3 Patch Notes:

First half of the fourth "level" added.Fixed a bug where old saves didn't load the fourth party member properly. Entering the new Locus also updates bugged saves.Rita's Crush updated to have a clearer description.A few script corrections.A few minor bugs fixed.

November 17, 2021 - v0.3.2 Patch Notes:

Fixed Rita's Gathering Storm so it stacks properly.

November 1, 2021 - v0.3.1 Patch Notes:

Fixed a bug where a party member would disappear if you fought a Riverbed Fragment and won. If this happened to you, please talk to the gallery chicken to get the party member back.

October 30, 2021 - v0.3.0 Patch Notes:

Complete third "level" added.Defeat Counter added to the Gallery. Unfortunately, it doesn't count defeats prior to this update.Gallery now includes alternate CG for scenes if they exist, shown by different colored NPCs.Lowered Rot Away damage slightly and made it last until the end of the fight. Rita's Gathering Storm now deals MATK-based damage instead of ATK. Small nerf to Lyra's Sacred Edge and now considers MDEF. Thorn's Shock's stun icon turn counter adjusted for accuracy... of sorts. Still lasts for 1 turn. Mid-fight hint added to the first fight of the third level. Even more script corrections. More minor bug fixes.

Download Stygian Flowers from k2s or fboom for free.

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