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Updated 2020-11-26
Developer FLOAT Arrow
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Status Changed into Weakness by the Demon Lord's Subordinates

・In the middle of the battle it will be cum in the pleasure attack of IMMA.......
- Be ecstatic with pleasure and become unable to act.......
- It is fascinated by the temptation to show off underwear and will kill the same person.......
・Even though it is in the middle of a fight, it will start masturbation without being able to attack by being tempted by a throw kiss.......
- Be brainwashed by a kiss, or use the recovery item to the enemy or use the blocking item to the ally.......
- Gently hugged, sang a lullaby,and fell asleep defenseless in the middle of a fight.......
- Man-woman, there are both protagonists!You can also enjoy the squeezed stew of the Royal Road, lesbian pleasure losing stew!

You can taste such a situation,it is a game full of naughty attack and naughty state abnormality.

Ci-en introduces more details than the game introduction below, so please have a look.

The previous work "avoiding game where the female demon king is trapped in pleasure under the girl" and common characters appear, but you can enjoy without any problems at all even if you do not play the previous work.

=====Update information= = = = =
Product version v1. 0. 1
- Since the magic window was a single target, it was fixed to the whole attack.
・Corrected typographical errors in the text of Safia patina.
- Fixed a bug that the effect of Tori's Momoiro world would continue across the top.
- Fixed a bug that the character that is not in the party climbs with the effect of Tori's Momoiro of the world.

Trial version v1. 0. 2
・I made a fine fix.(Please refer to the included txt file for the modification)

A few days after the new Demon King took the throne, 4 men and women who boarded to defeat the demon king encounter Imma under the Demon King......!

○System introduction
The main story is no exploration・no level up!Game start 1 battle that begins immediately and it is completed with the recollection.
And in that battle, (almost)"can't win."
In a battle where even 1 person has 4(5)opponents who struggle, you will see the hero party collapsing without any way to do it, losing to pleasure and temptation, covered with pleasure state abnormality.

Of course, there is no problem even if you lose, you can enjoy customized battles in the recollection room after the battle.

1 battle,but there are plenty of situations.
5 enemies×8 Waza=40 different Waza, each with its own characteristics will bring the hero party into a whirlpool of pleasure.
Please enjoy one grain of plenty of volume.

In addition, the function of the recollection room is enhanced by sticking.

 - You can freely change the ally organization and enemy organization(enemy is the same character 4 people also possible......!)
 - You can freely change the skill that the enemy uses
 - Various adjustments can be made in debug mode even during battle.……

And, it has become a specification that makes the situation you want to see very progress.

○Abundant state abnormality
The state abnormality that colors this work is the following 13 species.

 - Drowsiness: very sleepy, can act, but the ability value is greatly reduced
 - Sleep: when you fall asleep, some conditions become abnormal, but you can not act
 - Sweet Dreams:the state of being trapped in the dream of pleasure in sleep
 - Ecstasy: ecstasy with pleasure, the state that can not act
 - Sensitive: it becomes sensitive to the blame of Imma, and the state that the pleasure to receive becomes large
 - Masturbation: can not stand the temptation of the Imma, the state that has done masturbation
 - Confusion: mentally disturbed and attacks without distinction between enemies and friends
 - Enchantment: become a prisoner of Imma, and attack your allies
 - Temptation: a state where mental resistance becomes weak and other conditions are very susceptible to abnormalities
 - Brainwashing: recover enemies, use attack skills and sabotage items to your allies, and your thoughts are invaded more than enchantment
 - Smell fetish: become a prisoner of the smell of the Imma, the state that the pleasure received in the attack of the smell and smell system becomes very large
 - After the climax:the afterglow of the climax does not fit, and the state can not act
 - Restraint: a brainwashed ally is bound by an item used and cannot act

These state abnormality accompanied by pleasure attack and temptation, there is no doubt to be defeated by being tossed......!

Check out Ci-en for a more detailed introduction of characters and situations!






製品版 v1.0.1

体験版 v1.0.2






 ・戦闘中もデバッグモードで様々な調整が可能 他色々……






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