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Updated 2024-03-12
Developer ToughLove
Patreon ToughLoveGames
Total size 979mb
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SlutMaster - Pink Version

Gotta FUCK them all!!!Watch the TRAILER! ----------->

Explore, Meet, Seduce, Use Drugs, Seduce some more, and FUCK!

You are a young man starting his sexual life, but on this island that means something else: there are SLUTS and SLUTMASTERs that TAME them! They use TECHNIQUES to SEDUCE them!

New Version out at my !Explore!

Explore the island and find interesting places full of beautiful SLUTs.

Meet SLUTs!

Meet over 10 Sluts (and adding more!). Every one with their own appearance, personality and story! Cat-Girls, Demonesses, Elves, and a lot more.

Learn Techniques!

How you interact with the SLUTs is what is more important.

Use your words, your expression, and other techniques of social interaction to get them to like you. Learn new techniques after every seduction "combat" and improve every step of the way. Choose what techniques serve you best!

Use Drugs!

Offer SLUTs weed, alcohol and more (to come) to help them relax, and to make it easier for them to like you. They can reject them of course(consent is important), but most times they won't.

Seduce Them!

Use a combination of your best techniques and drugs to build up the SLUT's attraction, while not running out of patience, create your own strategies and play YOUR way!

Tame Them!

The more attraction she has, the easier she will be to tame. But a tamed SLUT is a horny SLUT, take responsibility and ...


Fuck the SLUTs in many different ways! Anal, Blow-Jobs, Tit-Jobs, Ass-Jobs, and even Vaginal Sex.

Breed them!

Once you had enough sex with a SLUT she will develop feelings for you, and she will want you to impregnate her! Fulfill your destiny and...


Impregnation, harem, footjobs, condom sex, domination, conversion sex, and a lot more!

New version already out at my !Join our to keep up with the updates!

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