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Updated 2017-10-07
Developer Ressentiment
Language jap
Total size 702mb
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Slave Princess Charlotte

Version 1.11e_2(Partial)

* Story
Charlotte is the Princess of the Central Kingdom, widely known as one of the major power.
She is not just a Queen, but also a proficient tactician who has brought triumphs to a number of wars.
Furthermore, the people in the Kingdom acknowledge her as the good governor.

--- But her fate turns into the wrong way...

Becoming a slave of the group of bandits, she is burdened with the destiny to
defeat her own kingdom down. Will she able to grab the faint hope of comeback...?

* overview
A tactical RPG with 13 stages.

- In the combat part, Charlotte orders her units.
Chase the victory with a variety of skills and weapons.

- After the combat, female character violation part begins.
The bandits r*pe the females you have captured!

- In the hideout of bandits, you can 'discipline' the r*ped girls
as long as you have the 'points'. The r*ped character's status increases.

- Play time is 5-7 hours (estimated).

- Out of the scenario, you can play the combat part in "Free Map" mode.

- 11 female characters to be captured.

- Resolution is 1024x768

* H Scenes

- The number of H scenes is over 50. More than 3 scenes are prepared for each character (with some exceptions).

- All the female characters' clothes can be changed,
and it is reflected to their pose arts. Plenty of erotic items.

- Pregnant belly variations of each character's pose art are
also contained. Sometimes it is reflected to the H scenes.

- In the "Sexual Discipline Room", you can see the H scenes
with their pose arts and erotic items remain customized.

* The Chance of Getting Pregnant system is loaded.

* Easy game system
- Your characters will not be lost
- The leveling system is not bothering
- In the combat, you don't have to calculate the hit rate
- You can save the data anytime in the combat

* Others
- Reminiscence mode available
- Message Skip function
- Scene Skip function

* About the trial version
- Can be played until the 3rd stage
- 6 H scenes
- 1 of the H scenes is in the "Sexual Discipline Room".

* The save data can be transferred from the trial version to the retail version.

* This product is created with SRPG Studio.
Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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