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Updated 2017-12-15
Developer aphrodite
Language jap

Slave Army

* The Soldier

This is an RPG for you, the military fetishist.
Sex scenes are all in army fatigues.

Soldiering isn't just about strength of body, but strength of mind.
Zofis has strength in spades, to the exclusion of other things.

However, she leads a double life with the unit commander...

Zofis is about to have her pride demolished with r*pe and torture.
Blackmailed into action, ewarded for settling her mission...
At the mercy of the upper echelons of the enemy...

Can soldier Zofis succeed in her mission!?

* The Mission

Soldier Zofis.
To rescue a princess captured by a rival country, Zofis infiltrates the enemy tower.
But the enemy captures Zofis too.

When all seems lost, Zofis is aided by a redheaded boy who shows her how to escape her cell.
Not abandoning her primary objective, she disguises herself as an enemy soldier and searches the castle.
The princess is being kept somewhere here...

All that matters is this. How Zofis achieves it, it is up to you.
Help Zofis rescue the princess at any cost.

* Secondary Goals

1. Eliminate bandits at the mountain base
2. Purge a farm of a monster(s)
3. Secure the safety of a fellow intel officer
4. Suppress the forest monster(s)
5. Manage an illegal brothel
6. Find and eliminate a castle r*pist
7. Find the bomber
8. Deliver medicine to a sick high official

* Hints and Tips

One wrong move in your exploration can result in seizure, torture and execution.
Before any major decision, consider first whether you should save your game.

For those who are not fond of exploration RPGs, a walkthrough guide is included.

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