SILENCE OF THE DAMNED (English ver.) poster
Updated 2020-12-13
Developer Liquid Moon


Silence of the Damned


*This is the English version of "Silence of the Damned."
If you are looking for Japanese version, please go to the link above.


Melice is a nurse working in the closed ward.
The world where she is now is like a never-ending nightmare and she must escape from there.

★ The purpose of this game is to explore the hospital where creepy monsters wander.
★ Solve puzzles and find a way out.
★ If you get caught by monsters and your LIFE becomes zero, the insult scene will start.
* There is a gallery that allows you to view H scenes you have already seen.

○ Controls
Please use your mouse

Cross-Breed, Rape, Blow-job, Tentacle, Pregnancy, Birthing etc...
*This game also includes gore scenes that may not be suitable for some people. Please be careful.

♦Note ♦
The game may not work properly depending on the environment.
Be sure to check the operation by the trial version before purchasing.

Character voice:
Honey Drop / Chanoyu Dekashira

Made with RPG Maker MV

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