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Updated 2020-03-21
Developer GABAGABAGovernment
Total size 176mb
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Sia and the Monstrous Arena


 "Shia"who read the magic book and became able to use the Star Magic, in order to become a wizard of 1 servings more successfully use magic, to leave the house and look for a master.

 She is deceived by a magic tool shop that she saw by chance and is beaten from behind and fainted. When he wakes up, he is confined to a small room in the Coliseum, commonly known as the"unusual arena", dedicated to monsters created by demons.

 When he finds out that a bomb is being sold for 10000G, Shia plans to use it to destroy the wall and escape.
 Fight monsters safely and earn Fight Money, Can you escape with the bomb you got!?

★ Game system
 The player will manipulate the main character'Shia'.
 In this game there is no element of exploration, level, is a super simple system to fight against random monsters as opponents in the arena.
 I adopt the skill tree system for personal preference!!
 As mentioned above, if you win an opponent in the arena, you will get money, so you can buy Battle items and prepare for the next battle.

 It will be a flow to repeat the basic product sales phase→battle phase 

- Product sales phase
 You can buy items that can be used in battle, or you can save money or buy combat equipment again……
 Powerful bombs can also be bought in this phase, and the story progresses by using them after purchase.

- Battle phase
 After the final confirmation,you will fight the demon.Please note that it is extremely difficult depending on the difficulty setting(producer standard). The difficulty level can be changed later.
 If you are defeated in battle, you can immediately rematch or return to the sales phase.

☆In the trial version, you can experience the product sales phase and combat phase, it is possible to view the CG of slime fucking.

 Planning, production, scenario, illustration, etc.
 (19) Twitter (@altf4hm)

- Please check the operation in advance trial version.
- The contents of the trial version are not transferable.
- On the personal production, I think that there is a sentence, system, and other various parts for the first time production, I am pleased to tell you gently.

★Contact us

- Please contact the following e-mail address if you have any problems or inquiries.

Email address [email protected]




 そんなシーアが偶然見かけた魔道具屋さんで騙され背後から殴られ気絶してしまう。 目覚めると、魔物が作った魔物専用のコロシアム、通称「異形闘技場」の小部屋に閉じ込められていた。





 最終確認後、魔物と闘うことになります。難易度設定によっては非情に難しい(製作者基準)ので注意してください。 難易度は後から変更可能です。


 あるとFよん(19) Twitter(@altf4hm)




電子メールアドレス【[email protected]

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