Shukubo no Uzuki ~Hitozuma Miboujin no Ureta Karada to Amai Toiki~ poster
Updated 2014-06-18
Developer TinkerBell
Language jap

Shukubo no Uzuki ~Hitozuma Miboujin no Ureta Karada to Amai Toiki~

Original title: 淑母の疼き ~人妻、未亡人の熟れた身体と甘い吐息~

Hosaka Takeru is in his 2nd year as a novice teacher since he entered in a private elementary school. With his high enthusiasm he became the sub-homeroom teacher, but the homeroom teacher suffered an accident that forced him to be hospitalized for 2 months so in the form of a hasty advance, he became the homeroom teacher
A month has passed since he became homeroom teacher, but he hasn't gotten used to it and that's giving him a lot of difficulties. The main reason for that is the existance of his class "advisor" the famous Katsuragi Rumiko, a publically know noisy monster parent that reprimands Takeru at every moment she comes to the school. And including the scoldings of the vice principal Minamori Shizue that doesn't improve his situation, Takeru is feeling very depressed every day...

However there's some people on his life who treats him gently, his former teacher that he admires Sugimoto Manami, who helps him when he's depressed, and there's also Manami's friend and PTA's officer Satsuki Rie, who always invites Takeru to her home to eat a feast for dinner to raise his spirit.

Will he be able to survive the remaining month safely?

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